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I'm new. :)

1. Name- Sarah
2. Age- 15 (I'll be sixteen in like, a month, though)
3. State- Michigan!
4. Favorite Jump5 member- I don't have one, lol. ^_^
5. Favorite Jump5 song- Once again, I don't have one. Right now I'm digging "Just A Dream" and "Every Part of Me." But it changes all the time.
6. Have you ever met them? When and where? Not yet! I've seen them in concert once (opening for A*Teens), and could've met them at a meet and greet, but I didn't really listen to them at that time.
7. Anything else you'd like to say? Not really, you've got everything important covered.

So obviously, I love Jump5. Most of my friends don't listen to 'em, which stinks, but that's why I decided to join!

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