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Hey Everyone

Hey Everyone My Name Is Josh I Am 19 Years Old I Live In Michigan My Favorite Jump5 Member Is All Of Them Britney Is Beautiful And Talented I Mean they All Are But There Is Something About Britney. And Chris OMG Don't Get Me started I could Go On Forever He Is Very Talented And Gifted He Rocks. Brandon Very Talented And Smart Great Style. Lesley Is Beautiful, Talented Wow She Rocks too. My Favorite Jump5 Song Is Summer Song I have Loved That Song Forever. Ahhh hI Love It. Yes I Have Met Them Several Times All Over And They Are The Nicest People You Could Ever Meet. And A While Ago I Did Like A Concert For Breast Cancer And I Sang Some Of Their Songs And I Raised Lots Of Money And I Was Awarded A Plauqe And I Would Love To Give It To Them Cause It Has Their Names On It Too. But I Don't Know How To Give It To Them. p.s. Libby I Miss You

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